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Jummah Information

Khutbah  - 1:05 pm 
Salaat - 1:40 pm 

Khateebs in Ramadan

Friday 5/18/18: Brother Dallawar Hussain

Friday 5/25/18: Brother Azam

Friday 6/1/18: Brother Usman

Friday 6/8/18: Sheikh Mostafa


The Last Ten days of Ramadan - Reminder

 How to take full advantage and benefit from the last part of Ramadan ?

Although the whole month of Ramadhan is full of blessings and rewards, the last ten days seem to hold a special status as reflected in the practices and recommendations of the  Prophet (S.W.A) and the Sahabas (companions). The three major practices of the Prophet (S.W.A) were:

Help the House of Allah to be debt free this Ramadan!

 "The Believer to the Believer is like a solid building, one part supporting the other."[Related by Al-Bukhari (no. 481) and Muslim (no. 2585) from Abu Musa al-Ash'ari radhiallahu 'anhu]

 In the Name of Allah, The Ever-Merciful

By the mercy of Allah and your continuous financial support, finally we have purchased the sixth floor. Alhamdulillah, the entire building belongs now to the masjid! However, our journey does not end here. Now we must put our hands together once again in order to make the House of Allah debt free!

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