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Masjid Manhattan, established in 1970, is a not-for-profit organization currently located at 30 Cliff Strett (between Fulton and John St), just a few blocks from Wall St, City Hall, and the World Trade Center. Wa'al-hamdulillah, our Masjid, has become one of the most famous and most visited Masajid in New York City. Additionally, it has become "The Castle of Da'wah" for non-Muslims bringing many of them, through its Da'wah program, into Islam.

Board of Directors

Mustafa Elazabawy

Imam/Acting president

Sayeed Chaudhury


Syed Shawkat Ali

General Secretary







For more than forty years, Masjid Manhattan has raised the flag of “La Ilaha Illal Allah” in this strategic point of New York City and has provided the Muslim community with services such as:

  • Five (5) Congregational Salahs (Jammah) every day, seven days a week. Hundreds of brothers and sisters gather here to worship Allah (SWT).
  • Congregational Friday Sermons (Ju'mmah) where more than 1,000 brothers and sisters, who come from all over Manhattan and the Tri-state area, gather in unity to praise Allah (SWT).
  • Daily Iftar and Taraweeah prayer during the month of Ramadan.
  • Islamic education on: Tajweed Al-Quran, Tafseer Al-Quran, Hadith, Fiqh, Sirah and Arabic language.
  • Da'wah program.
  • Hajh seminars and trip arrangements.
  • Matrimonial services and marriage counseling.


  • By NYC Trains:  A,C,2,3,4,5 to Fulton St. Station
  • Path train to the World Trade Center (see our Contact us page for Google map from the WTC - less than 10 min. walk)

Contact Info

Masjid Manhattan
30 Cliff Street
New York, New York 10038 

Tel: 1(212)766-1865

Tel: 1(917)362-8463

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