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"Two beautiful stories from the Quran that everyone needs to learn from"
11/17/17 kutbah by Sheikh Mostafa. Must watch!
"Stand up for justice" By: D. Hussain on 10/27/17
Importance of justice and a reminder of how we can be just individuals.
How can one be with the Prophets in Jannah? By Sheikh Mostafa
How can one be with the Prophets in Jannah? By Sheikh Mostafa
10-20-17 : How can one earn a place in Jannah next to our beloved Prophets? Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) gave us the answer. To find out watch this video.
"Life.. death. How can we have a good end? by Shk. Abudlrasheed
Masjid Manhattan 10/13/17 A reminder of where we came from and where we will end up. Life... death. How can we have a successful ending? Watch and find out. May Allah bless brother Abdulrasheed for this beautiful khutbah.
The story of our beginning, our creation
The story of our beginning, our creation" by Hassan Rada on 8 18 17
How was the creation of human beings? Why were we created? Why are we Muslims?
"For sure we will be tested in this life!" 8-4-17
Beautiful kutbah by: Imam Abdulrasheed Omar at Masjid Manhattan. Will we pass the test? How we will answer Allah?
"The Great Honor Of Being Muslims" by: Hassan Raza
6/30/17 Kutbah at Masjid Manhattan. Wonderful!
"Three people Allah loves and will enter Jannah without judgement" by: Sheikh Mostafa
1st Jummah in Ramadan 2017- 6-2-17 Who are the three type of people who will enter Jannah (Paradise) without judgement? Watch to find out.
"Who is Allah?" By" Imam Abdulrasheed Omar 5-12-17
Who is Allah? How Allah describes Himself in the Quran?" Watch this video and find out. May Allah reward Imam Abdulrasheed. Kutbah at Masjid Manhattan
"Manners (Al-Akhlak) in Islam" by: Hassan Rada - 4-21-17
Beautiful khutbah about the manners in Islam.

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